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Programs and Fees


The agencies licensed therapists accept some insurance for payment. As a local Medi-Cal Organizational Provider we are able to accept Medi-Cal for some children’s counseling. We have a sliding fee scale for the individuals and families without insurance. That fee is based on your household’s income and the family size. Contact our office for more information.

PC1000 Drug Education Class


The PC1000 is a court ordered drug and alcohol education program. This program is not intended for treatment. The program is 20 hours long and the fee is $300.00. The program consists of one on one appointments, group settings, and 12 step meetings. The class is held every other month unless we have an abundance of participants. You can get the initial intake paperwork here or in our office. No appointment is necessary to come in to fill out the intake.

Family Violence Program


The Family Violence Project is a court ordered program offering comprehensive treatment for families involved with domestic violence. This is a 52 week program. There is a low cost fee for the weekly class along with a $65 assessment fee. The initial intake paperwork is available here or in our office. No appointment is necessary to come in a fill out the intake.

Children of Divorce


The Children of Divorce workshop is a workshop Humboldt County courts made mandatory for those filing for dissolution of marriage or separation maintenance if those individuals have children under 18. The workshop is designed to help parents guide their children through the separation process. This is a one-time class held on a weekend once a month. The fee is $50. You can find the registration here or in our office. Contact our office for more information.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Employee assistance Program is a contract some of our local businesses have with our agency. This provides counseling services to the employees of the business at the businesses expense. 

Anger Management:


Anger Management counseling is offered at our agency to both court ordered clients and self referred clients. We do not have a class setting for this program. It is held in one on one sessions with a counselor. The fees for this program are based on the sliding fee scale.


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